20 Mar 2017 - 21 Mar 2017

12th Concawe Symposium

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Monday 20 March 2017

Session 1 - Future of Transport System


Session 2 - Challenges for Hybridization and Electrification of Vehicles as a Route to Decarbonization


Session 3 - Ecosystem Services - The Potential of Carbon Sequestration


Session 4 - Future of Special Refined Products


Tuesday 21 March 2017

Session 1 - Perspectives on the EU Refining Industry of the Future


Session 2 - IPIECA vision for water use in the oil and gas


Session 3 - The REACH End Game: Risk Management for Petroleum Substances as REACH Evolves


Session 4 - The Future of Human Health Assessment: Using New Methodologies for a Better Understanding of the Health Impacts of Petroleum Substances


Session 5 - The Impact of the Use of Diesel on the Quality of Air in Cities


Side Sessions

Air Quality


Refining Operations


For any enquiries please send an e-mail to: symposium@concawe.org