19 Oct 2022 - 20 Oct 2022

COPEX 2022

The 4-yearly Concawe Oil Pipeline operators EXperience exchange seminar (COPEX 2022) took place on Wednesday and Thursday 19-20 October 2022. The theme of this 2022 edition was “Oil Pipelines in a Volatile, Uncertain and Complex Environment”.

The COPEX 2022 featured four sessions. You can find the presentation of each speaker below:

Keynote Speech Day 1: Reinier Grimbergen, Industrial Transformation and Consequences for Storage and Transport

Session 1 “Industrial Challenges Long-term Mega Trends”

Alessio Lilli, A Crude Oil Pipeline: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

Wim Guijt, Energy Transition with Focus on CO2 & H2 Pipelines

Session 2 “Statistics, Thefts and Learnings from Incidents”

Jean-François Larivé, Statistical Analysis of Spills and Theft Attempts in Western European Cross-country Oil Pipelines: 1971-2020

Günter Bulau, Operational Trials of Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Session 3 “Cyber Security and Digitalisation”

Manuel Llinás, Leak Detection Continuous Monitoring, Machine Learning Tool

Thomas Bartsch, Digitalisation of Maintenance

Bas Koch and Luuk Schrandt, Managing Cyber Risk in Joint Ventures

Keynote Speech Day 2: Damien Valdenaire, Long Term Pathways for the Refining Industry

Session 4 “Maintenance, Inspection and New Regulations”

Clive Zanker, Depth of Cover

Timothy Rudd, Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Pre-1972 Girth Welds

Rob Claassen, Pipeline Theft – Determine High Risk Areas

Cecil Adam, Pipeline Operators Forum – Technical Integrity Management – Review of On-going Activities

Antoine Chapelon, Learnings From Incidents Impacting Regulation

For more information on the detailed agenda, click here to discover the programme.

For any questions about the event, please contact copex@concawe.eu