PETRORISK is a spreadsheet tool, developed by Hydroqual for Concawe, that performs environmental risk assessments for petroleum substances using principles provided by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) for fulfilling stakeholder obligations under the EU REACH regulation

It is designed to evaluate environmental exposure and ecological risks at both local and regional scales for a wide range of petroleum products from naphtha (gasoline), kerosene, gas oils, to heavy fuel and lubricant oils as well as hydrocarbon-based solvents. The spreadsheet tool can evaluate risks associated with different stages in the product life cycle. For example, the ecological risks can be evaluated at the production, formulation, and distribution stages as well as for generic uses in industrial, professional and consumer use sectors.

The tool calculates the Predicted Environmental Concentrations (PECs) of representative hydrocarbons assigned within blocks (defined by compositional analysis) in various compartments of soil, air, water, waste water treatment plant (WWTP) effluent, drinking water, fish, meat and milk based on results obtained from the EUSES multimedia exposure model. For water, effluent, soil and sediment compartments, PECs are divided by Predicted No-Effect Concentrations (PNECs) derived with the Target Lipid Model (TLM) (McGrath et al., 2004) to compute environmental risk quotients. Ecological risks for these compartments are then quantified by summation of the PEC/PNEC ratios for the representative hydrocarbon structures that are used to simulate the hydrocarbon blocks comprising the substance. A risk quotient of greater than or equal to one indicates a potential unsafe use. Human exposures are also calculated for total hydrocarbons using a default set of exposure pathways specified by EUSES.
User-defined Derived No Effect Levels (DNELs) that are expressed in terms of total hydrocarbon exposure or dose can be entered to perform human health risk assessment. This tool is based on the ECHA REACH Implementation Guidelines for performing risk assessments of complex petroleum substances using the hydrocarbon block method (ECHA, 2008a).

PETRORISK 7.09 has been released on 13 July 2021 and incorporates the updated Target Lipid Model  (in response to a 2014 ECHA compliance check), updated ESIG spERCs (2020), and updated use descriptors (2021).

PETRORISK spreadsheet tool
PETRORISK user’s guide

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Please download the latest version of PETRORISK each time you use the tool.