13 Mar 1988

Regenerative flue gas desulphurization in European oil refineries – cost estimates based on a European application

Report no. 3/88: The OMV refinery at Schwechat, Austria, commissioned in 1985 a Wellman-Lord regenerative flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) to control emissions essentially from the power generating sector of the refinery.

This experience is used to estimate costs of Wellman-Lord FGD which would be more representative for other European refineries. Costs are given for the Schwechat size FGD (600 000 Nm3/h flue gas) and a typical refinery size. It is concluded that FGD cost-effectiveness is better when refineries burn higher sulphur fuels but small plant size has a significant detrimental effect. Wellman-Lord FGD can more than double the cost of liquid refinery fuel.