22 Nov 1987

Emergency planning guidance notes

Report no. 11/87: These are three of a series of Guidance Notes to be issued by CONCAWE on the general subject of major hazards with specific reference t o the implementation of the requirements of the Seveso Directive.

The overall purpose of these Notes is t o provide guidance to CONCAWE contributing companies on aspects of the assessment and control of major hazards. The Notes may also assist national Regulatory Authorities in their contacts with the petroleum industry.The first of the Guidance Notes is "Selecting the Incident Scenarios for Off-Site Emergency Planning".

This recommends inclusion of a range of incidents which may occur based on a review of the design of the plant and audit of its operation andmaintenance. The second Guidance Note is "Responsibilities of Petroleum Industry and Regulatory Authorities i n Off-Site Emergency Planning". This clarifies that the petroleum industry is t o provide the information to the authorities who develop the Off-site plan and ensure that it is ready for action. Both parties need to liaise closely. The third Guidance Note is "Information to the Public".

This provides advice on the type of information that should be provided during and after an incident and makes recommendations on its dissemination.Additional Guidance Notes in this series are planned for future publication.

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