21 Feb 2018

Air emissions from the refining sector. Analysis of E-PRTR data 2007-2014

Report no. 4/18: This report is an updated version of the Concawe Report No 2/15 providing a review of the air pollutant emissions data submitted by national authorities for oil refineries in the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) from 2007 to 2014. Detailed analyses are given for five pollutants of interest (SOx, NOx, NMVOCs, benzene, and CO2). Emissions of the five pollutants reviewed have decreased significantly between 2007 and 2014: SOx by 63%, NOx by 44%, NMVOCs by 40%, benzene by 51% and CO2 by 21%.

The mass of crude processed over the same eight-year period reduced by 15%. When emissions are expressed as t per Mt of crude processed the reduction between 2007 and 2014 is: 57% for SOx, 34% for NOx, 30% for NMVOCs, 42% for benzene and 6.5% for CO2.

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