Acquire a Concawe Licence

On the basis of several decades of experience on the area of safe use of Petroleum Substances, Concawe has acquired and developed data for the common elements of the EU REACH dossiers for the registration of most Petroleum Substances listed in the Official Journal of the European Commission OJ L 84 of 5 April 1993.

Concawe is providing access to these common elements of the registration dossier including the Chemical Safety Reports in the form of a licence agreement available for a fee. This fee represents, in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner, the contributions and investments by Concawe members and the cost of shared studies in the preparation of the common elements of registration dossier.

Until the 2018 registration deadline, Concawe was formally acting as the SIEF Formation Facilitator for sulphur and Petroleum Substances allowing data generated for REACH (by Concawe or other data owners) to be shared amongst all registrants of the same substance, thus avoiding duplication of effort.

Concawe continues to act as facilitator in the “post-SIEF” period from 1 June 2018 for registrants of Petroleum Substances and sulfur.

Concawe in its role as facilitator:

  • Has provided a SIEF communication tool – (;
  • Has collected relevant and reliable substance data from registrants and other data holders;
  • Has initiated additional testing when necessary;
  • Has identified a Lead Registrant for each petroleum substance and sulphur (for most petroleum substances Concawe member companies have acted as Lead Registrants).

As of August 2021, Concawe also provides a licence agreement for read-across for non-petroleum substances.

Should you intend to register a Petroleum Substance or require access to the licence agreement for read across for registration of non-petroleum substances, please send an e-mail to the SIEF Team of Concawe ( mentioning:

  • your Legal Entity Name as indicated in REACH IT;
  • the UUID number of your Legal Entity in REACH-IT;
  • the e-mail address that will become the SIEF Space account user.

The licence that you will purchase provides you access to the common elements of the dossier required for the purposes of EU REACH registration.

Please note, the purchase of the licence from Concawe does not automatically result in a valid REACH registration. According to the REACH regulation, the owner of the licence (the licensee) is required to register the substance(s) and relevant legal entity of manufacture / import in the REACH IT tool of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and pay the associated registration fee.