22 Aug 2022

Waste to products – Technology and economic assessment (phase 1)

The EMG and Soil Wastes and Groundwater group (SWG) of the EI and Concawe have commissioned E4tech to conduct a technical analysis of waste-to-products (WTP) technologies that could be integrated within the European refining system in the 2030 and 2050 timeframe. This study builds upon the findings of the Concawe 2050 study, but considers a different set of feedstocks, namely wastes.

It explores specific types of wastes and looks at what could be the most attractive use of them considering pathways within (Phase 1) and outside (Phase 2) the refining sector. More specifically, this project considers which technologies could be integrated into the refining supply chain in order to process the wastes in scope (Phase 1) and what the alternative/competing uses of these wastes could be outside the refinery supply chain (Phase 2). Phase 1 has just been concluded. Read more in the report below.

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