05 Sep 2023

The Concawe LNAPL Toolbox

The Concawe LNAPL Toolbox is a web-based tool that provides essential information to the LNAPL remediation community. LNAPL, or light non-aqueous phase liquids, are typically historic hydrocarbon releases into soils and groundwater, such as liquid fuels, crude oil and condensates. The toolbox offers a range of complexity with more than 20 different tools, including infographics, nomographs, calculators, mobility models, videos and checklists.

These tools are organised into three tiers, with Tier 1 offering basic graphics and essential information, Tier 2 providing simple quantitative models and calculators, and Tier 3 featuring access to, and explanations of, more complex tools. The Toolbox is designed to address six key questions that are important to environmental consultants and regulators managing LNAPL sites, including determining the amount of LNAPL present, estimating migration and persistence, assessing risk over time, determining the effectiveness of LNAPL recovery, and estimating natural source zone depletion (NSZD).

The Concawe LNAPL Toolbox is one of the first completely online web-based tools for managing LNAPL-impacted sites. It is accessible on the web via an internet browser or by downloading the Toolbox code for use on a personal computer.

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