27 Mar 2018

Sulphur dioxide emissions from oil refineries in Europe (2015)

Report no. 5/18: This report describes the results of the 2015 survey into the sulphur pathways in European refineries. This includes the distribution of sulphur in products, the capture and recovery of sulphur in refineries and the emission of sulphur oxides as part of the refining process. The results of surveys carried out for the years 2002, 2006 and 2010 are also included.

In 2015 the 44 refineries considered in this report processed crude and feedstock amounting to 52% of the European refining throughput. The results confirm a downward trend in the sulphur content of major product streams, associated with a strong increase in sulphur recovered in the refinery process and a reduction of sulphur emitted from refinery operations.

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