21 Nov 1996

Overview of the Concawe middle distillate programme

Report no. 96/62: This report reviews the results from a three phase programme of work designed to investigate the factors influencing the skin carcinogenicity of middle distillates. In particular, it concentrates on the final phase, which consisted of a TWO year skin painting study in mice with two gas oils and a kerosine, each applied at three different concentrations. It was concluded that materials containing significant concentrations of PACs probably produce skin tumours by a genotoxic mechanism.

Undiluted straight-run gas oil and kerosine, containing low or undetectable levels of PACs may produce tumours but only when moderate to severe skin irritation is also present. Such effects are probably related to the influence of the continuous cycle of cell damageand repair prompted by chronic skin irritation. The results are an important consideration in terms of the hazard and risk assessments for middle distillate fuels. NOTE: Considerable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in this publication.

However, neither CONCAWE nor any company participating in CONCAWE can accept liability for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from the use of this information. This report does not necessarily represent the views of any company participating in CONCAWE.

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