21 Nov 1996

Diesel fuel/engine interaction and effects on exhaust emissions. Part 1: diesel fuel density. Part 2: heavy duty diesel engine technology

Report no. 96/60: CONCAWE has investigated two major aspects of fuel/engine interaction and the resulting effects on exhaust emissions:

• The impact of fuel density on the particulate emissions of a light duty turbocharged passenger car fitted with an advanced engine technology/ electronic management system;

• The influence of technology change on two generations of the same model of heavy duty diesel engine.For both investigations fuels of the EPEFE (European Programme on Emissions, Fuels and Engine Technologies) diesel fuel matrix were used.

This matrix represents the optimum concept to study effects of decorrelated fuel properties (density, poly-aromatics, cetane number and T-95). The study concluded that changes in engine technology and engine management systems had a profound effect on emissions performance which far outweighed any benefits accruing from changes in fuel characteristics.

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