21 Jan 1992

The chemical composition of diesel particulate emissions

Report no. 92/51: In July 1990 CONCAWE published a report on the influence of diesel fuel sulphur content on particulate emissions. The chemical analysis procedures employed in that programme for the identification of particulate constituents are described in this report. Considerable problems were encountered in terms of methodology for the chemical analysis of diesel particulate.

As a direct result of this CONCAWE study an Institute of Petroleum working group has been established with the objective of developing and publishing standard methods in this area.Wide differences in particulate mass and composition were determined within engine and vehicle groups, over legislated test cycles.

These differences were, however, broadly in line with published data.When expressed on a direct mass/mass basis, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PM) levels on particulate obtained underECE-15+EUDC conditions were approximately an order of magnitude greater than those obtained under ECE-R49 conditions.

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