17 Dec 2002

A survey of european gasoline exposures for the period 1999-2001

Report no. 9/02: This report presents data on measured occupational exposures to gasoline vapour in European Union countries in the period 1999-2001. The exposure measurements were taken in order to complement an earlier review of recent exposure data for the period of 1993-1998, published as report 2/00.

The surveyed operations were selected on the basis of past high exposures, newly implemented vapour recovery measures, or a general lack of information. In addition to inhalation exposures,analytical data are presented on composition of the gasolines handled during the monitored work activities. Most of the surveyed operations covered gasoline according to product specifications in force after 1 January 2000, when the maximum content of benzene in gasoline was reduced to 1% by volume.

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