21 Sep 1987

An investigation into evaporative hydrocarbon emissions from European vehicles

Report no. 87/60: The report covers an experimental programme to determine evaporative hydrocarbon emission levels from a range of modern European cars, and the effects of various fuel and vehicle parameters on them. The results are used to estimate an inventory of evaporative hydrocarbon emissions in Europe.

These are set in context with the other sources of hydrocarbon emissions. The control options for evaporative and refuelling emissions are compared and the high levels of efficiency for carbon canister controls are shown. Detailed descriptions of the laboratory test procedures are given and tables are included to record the results of the evaporative emissions tests and to show the methodology used to calculate the overall emission inventory.

Figures describe the fuel systems,their large impact on evaporative emissions and demonstrate the effectiveness of various emission control options.The report reaches conclusions and makes recommendations on the need to alert legislators of the effectiveness of carbon can istersand identifies further areas for investigation. A management style summary is included at the beginning of the report.

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