22 Jul 1989

Emergency planning guidance note – marketing installation emergency planning

Report no. 7/89: This guidance note highlights aspects that need to be considered when developing emergency plans for oil marketing installations in order to protect life, the environment and property. Whilst the note provides a framework, each operating location needs to make its own contingency plans suited to the local situation, legal requirements, and potential hazards.

Marketing installations vary greatly in size from large terminals to small distribution depots, so that the approach taken must be appropriate to the installation size and type, local resources and manning levels.An emergency organization is shown, important company responsibilities described, and some typical actions for various emergency cases proposed. A description of potential events and consequences serves to illustrate possible courses of action.Last, but not least, training is emphasized.

For the plan to be effective, key personnel and professionals must be trained in their emergency roles, both individually and as members of a team.Regular simulations of credible events are recommended as the best way of testing the effectiveness of the plan and the readiness of all personnel involved in the plan.

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