22 Jul 1988

Emergency planning guidance notes – refinery emergency planning

Report no. 6/88: This is the sixth Guidance Note in the series being issued by CONCAWE on the general subject of major hazards with specific reference to implementation requirements of the Seveso Directive.The overall purpose of these Notes is to provide guidance to CONCAWE contributing companies on various aspects of the assessment and control of major hazards.

The Notes may also assist National Regulatory Authorities in their contacts with the Petroleum Industry.This Guidance Note "Refinery Emergency Planning" describes emergency organization specifically for oil refineries. The general principles also apply to smaller oil installations such as marketing terminals.A framework for emergency organization is outlined including descriptions of key responsibilities, and some typical actions are highlighted for various emergency cases.

The need for training in emergency roles is emphasized and rehearsals of credible event exercises are recommended to ensure readiness.

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