Volatile organic compound emissions in western Europe: control options and their cost-effectiveness for gasoline vehicles, distribution and refining

13 Sep 1987

This report summarises the conclusions drawn by CONCAWE from its recent work on volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in Western Europe. The underlying data are published by CONCAWE; VOC emissions inventories are addressed in Reports Nos. 2/F6 and 87/60, car evaporative emissions in Report No. 87/60, and oil refinery and gasoline distribution system emissions in Reports Nos. 07/52 and 85/54. The conclusions presented herein include technical andcost-effectiveness information to help in selecting measures and assigning priorities in the development of any regulations felt to be necessary to limit VOC emissions. Emphasis is given to the largest significant sources, and the report therefore concentrates more on emissions from cars and to a lesser extent on refineries and gasoline distribution systems.