Emergency planning guidance notes- content of emergency plans- planning for mutual aid

22 Jun 1988

These are two of a series of Guidance Notes being issued by CONCAWE on the general subject of major hazards with specific reference to the implementation of the requirements of the Seveso Directive. The overall purpose of these Notes is to provide guidance to CONCAWE contributing companies on various aspects of the assessment and control of major hazards. The Notes also assist National Regulatory Authorities in their contacts with the Petroleum Industry.The Guidance Note on “Content of Emergency Plans” assists in defining those items which should be addressed in On-site Emergency Plans as well as outlining a recommended format for the emergency manual. In addition, some guidelines for the content of Off-site Emergency Plans are described. The Guidance Note on “Planning for Mutual Aid” is to assist in preparing plans to harness the combined resources of plants within a region i n the event of an emergency atany one site .These bring the number of Guidance