A comprehensive review of European epidemiological studies on particulate matter exposure and health

17 Jun 2011

In 2006/2007 CONCAWE’s Health Management Group (through H/STF-27)commissioned a literature survey and review with the primary aim of summarising the current state of science on particulate matter in ambient air and its possible effects on health. The survey and review were undertaken by the Department of Epidemiology, Mario Negri Institute, Milan, Italy1, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France2, the International Epidemiology Institute, Rockville, MD, USA3 and the Institute of Medical Statistics and Biometry, University of Milan, Italy4. The authors of the study are Eva Negri1, Silvano Gallus1, PaoloBoffetta2, Joseph K. McLaughlin3 and Carlo La Vecchia1,4 The body of this report consists of a brief overview of the findings written by H/STF-27, followed by the detailed information in Appendix developed by the mentioned experts.