Review of European oil industry benzene exposure data

21 Mar 1986

This report summarises data on exposure to benzene during the manufacture end distribution of gasoline in Europe. Exposures in various types of jobs are reviewed against the 8-hourtime-weighced average 1 ppm “Action Level” and 5 ppm “Limit Value” of the EEC Proposal for of Directive on the Protection of Workers from the Risks Related to Exposure to Benzene at Work. The report concludes that with good work practices and control measures, most oil industry employee exposures are normally well below 5 ppm. Exposures of service station attendants are clearly normally below 1 ppm. In addition, road tanker driver and refinery unit operator exposures ere normally below 1 ppm. The report also identifies jabs for which exposures may, under some conditions, exceed I ppm.