21 Apr 2008

Guidelines for blending and handling motor gasoline containing up to 10% v/v ethanol

Report no. 3/08: This report provides guidance on handling and blending ethanol at up to 10% v/v concentrations in motor gasoline. The major challenges associated with ethanol containing gasolines are discussed as they relate to the conformity of the finished fuel to typical specifications, especially those in the European unleaded motor gasoline specification (EN228).

This report focuses on the production, distribution,and supply of motor gasoline containing up to 10% v/v ethanol and does not address issues related to higher ethanol blends, specifically E85 fuels (up to 85%v/v ethanol in gasoline). For the purposes of this report, the terms motor gasoline and unleaded petrol (as defined in European Standard EN228) are considered to be synonymous.

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