Emergency planning – guidance notes – training, exercises and rehearsal of emergency plans- communications during emergencies

22 Jan 1989

These are two more guidance notes in the CONCAWE Emergency Response Planning series. The first note is on training, exercises and rehearsal of emergency plans. For an installation’s emergency plans to work effectively, the people involved need to be prepared through training, exercises and rehearsal. Also, feedback of information from these activities can be used to develop and improve the plans. This guidance note offers advice on the development of training,exercises and rehearsal for emergency response, and sets out how various aspects can be coordinated through an overall programme.Appendices suggest topics for emergency planning workshops, and subjects for On-site emergency exercises and emergency response rehearsal (major exercises). The second note is on communications during emergencies. Effective internal and external communications help ensure efficient marshalling of appropriate resources to the scene of the emergency and assist the management and control of the emergency.Radio and telephone communications will be high priorities indesigning a communications network for an emergency plan.Communication equipment chosen must be suitable for emergency conditions.The note also gives advice on effective ways in which information can be provided to the news media.