European downstream oil industry safety performance statistical summary of reported incidents – 2001

21 Feb 2003

The eighth such report by CONCAWE, this issue includes own employees as well as contractor data for the year 2001 from 19 companies (representing some 90% of the European refining capacity) and primarily covers the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), and Hungary. The data is reported in terms of Lost Workday Injury Frequency (LWIF) as well as a range of other metrics. It is compared with the averages for the previous five-year period 1996 to 2000 and also to similar statistics from related industries as well as general EU figures. The improvement trend continues as illustrated by the 2001 Lost workday Injury Frequency (LWIF) which at4.3 is slightly lower than the average for the years 1996-2000 (4.5). The responsible management of safety in the oil industry has resulted in a low level of accidents compared to other industries in Europe despite the intrinsic hazards of the materials handled and the operations carried out. There were 14 fatalities reported this year,one more than for 2000. However, none of these fatalities were caused by fire and hence related to the flammable properties of the materials handled.