report No. 1/10

13 Jan 2010

This report describes the results of the 2006 year survey into the sulphur pathwaysin European refining. This includes the distribution of sulphur in products, thecapture and recovery of sulphur in refineries and the emission of sulphur oxides aspart of the refining process. The archived results of surveys carried out for the years1998 and 2002 have also been reanalysed to ensure use of consistent methodologywhen establishing trends and to better understand caveats made in the 2002 surveyreport. This survey covered a limited dataset and as a consequence, it was notknown if it was fully representative.In 2006 67 surveys representing a crude throughput equivalent to 68% of theOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Europeanrefining capacity were analysed. The results confirm a downward trend in thesulphur content of major product streams and a reduction of sulphur emitted fromrefinery operations to ~3.7% of total sulphur intake. This is a factor 2 lower than in1998. About 45% of all sulphur taken into refineries as crude and other productswas recovered as elemental sulphur in 2006.The results of the reanalysis of earlier surveys were consistent with previousreports. Importantly we were able to establish that, despite concerns over the smallsurvey size, the 2002 survey was generally representative. An important exceptionwas the sulphur content of Marine Bunker Fuels. The 2002 survey suggested adecrease in the sulphur content of marine fuels. However the 2006 and 1998 datawere very similar. It therefore seems unlikely that the 2002