Methodologies for hazard analysis and risk assessment in the petroleum refining and storage industry

22 Dec 1982

The report provides readers both within and outside the petroleum industry with an overview or the methodologies already in use or being developed, to assist and supplement risk management practices. The report briefly describes the consecutive steps in the identification, assessment and comparison of hazards and associated risk. These techniques can be helpful in setting the priorities for the decision on measures to reduce risk. When quantifying risk e.g. for the comparison of alternative design cases, the use of a consistent data base is stressed. It is pointed out that the risk assessment techniques described in the report, although potentially valuable tools for improving overall safety performance. have shortcomings particularly in dealing with human factors. In the appendices examples are given of the techniques, ranging from checklists to the prediction of human error. A glossary is appended to define terms as they are used in this report and a list of recommended further reading is included.