European downstream oil industry safety performanceStatistical summary of reported incidents – 1999

21 Sep 2000

This report is the sixth by CONCAWE reviewing the safety performance of the downstream oil industry in Europe. The area of coverage is primarily the EU, EEA and Hungary, but for some companies the data for other European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc. are included. The report includes the results of 21 companies which together represent a large majority of the oil refining capacity in the region. This is six less companies than last year and results from five companies not being able to supply usable data and the merger of two others.Of the 21 companies, 17 gave data for both contractors and employees. It is therefore a representative sample of the industry. However, as the data for some companies is incomplete, all results are quoted as frequencies. The data covers the year 1999 and is compared with the averages for the previous five year period 1994 to 1998. Overall, the reported hours worked by company staff and contractors combined were about 450 million with an average Lost Workday Injury Frequency (LWIF) of 4.3. This is slightly lower than the average for the years1994 to 1998 which was 4.5. It is also lower than for any of the figures reported for previous years apart from 1994 when only 17 companies reported. A range of other measures of safety performance are also reported. The responsible management of safety in the oil industry has resulted in a low level of accidents compared to other industries in Europe despite the intrinsic hazards of the materials handled and the operations carried out. In addition, all the fatalities reported were unconnected with these hazardous properties and resulted from road accidents or construction and maintenance activities. In general, the safety performance for the companies reporting was slightly better in1999 than the performance reported previously for 1993 to 1998. In particular, the number of fatalities reported was at the all time low of eight.