Comparison of particle emissions from advanced vehicles using DG TREN and PMP measurement protocols

21 Feb 2009

CONCAWE has developed extensive data on particle emissions from light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles through its previous experimental programmes. In this study,four light-duty vehicles, two diesel and two gasoline direct injection (GDI), were tested for particulate mass and particle number emissions under regulated (NEDC) and transient (Artemis) driving cycles. One of the two diesel vehicles was equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Particle number emissions were compared using procedures that had been developed in two different studies: the procedure previously used in the DG TREN “Particulates” Consortium Study (2001) and a second that has been adopted for Euro 5b certification of new light-duty diesel vehicles based on results from the Particle Measurement Programme (PMP). The particulate mass and particle number measurements compared favourably between the two studies on comparable vehicles, fuels, and driving cycles. A broad correlation was observed between particulate mass and particle number for all vehicles (both diesel and gasoline) over the NEDC. The particle number emissions from the two gasoline vehicles were about the same order of magnitude as those from the diesel vehicle equipped with a particulate filter. The particle number results showed no apparent dependence on fuel properties even with significant variations in fuel sulphur level and other properties.