Management of occupational health risks during refinery turnarounds

17 Oct 2000

This report addresses the occupational health issues which are an intrinsic part of refinery turnaround activities. It recognises the underlying importance of an effective management system and is intended to assist planners, managers and specialists to achieve a high standard in controlling health risks. Health is viewed within the framework of a generic management system that can be applied to the various phases of turnarounds, from planning to close-out. The report focuses on health risk management, prevention of risk, health surveillance, the employment of contractors and skill requirements. Hazards to health in the various phases of a turnaround are identified, the risks listed according to severity and control strategies suggested. General guidance is also given on monitoring, health surveillance and the reporting of results. While it is appreciated that safety and environmental issues are also encountered in turnarounds, the report focuses primarily on the occupational health risks.