01 Feb 2013

Providing information and guidance on water and soil management

When CONCAWE was formed in 1963, the conservation of Europe’s water resources was one of the main drivers, following the commitment made by the industry at the 6th World Petroleum Congress. Water remains an essential resource that has, over the years, come progressively higher on the international agenda because of its intimate relationship with both human health and ecosystem development. In the 50 years of CONCAWE’s existence, water quality in Europe has improved steadily and the contribution of the refining sector to this improvement cannot be ignored.

Today, almost 50% of Europe’s surface and groundwater bodies are classed as being of at least ‘good’ status (as defined in the Water Framework Directive) and, for those that do not meet this standard, the impact of the refining sector has been shown to be minimal. Nevertheless there is growing pressure on water resources in terms of chemical and ecological quality, of the quantity used or consumed, and of equitable access to good quality water.

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