22 Jul 2022

PetroRisk version 8.01 – User Manual

Report no. 14/22: This report provides a detailed description of version 8.01 of Concawe’s PetroRisk model: (1) conceptual design, (2) main improvements compared to previous versions, (3) KNIME, the open-source software wherein PetroRisk is developed, (4) use instructions, and a (5) technical basis. PetroRisk calculates the environmental exposures and risks resulting from the different lifecycle stages of multi-constituent hydrocarbon substances, using the principles provided by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) under the EU REACH regulation.

Environmental exposures and risks can be predicted at the manufacture/formulation/distribution stages and at industrial/professional/ consumer use stages for multi-constituent hydrocarbon substances, such as naphthas (gasolines), kerosenes, gas oils, heavy fuel and lubricant oils, and solvents. PetroRisk version 8.01, including its Generic Exposure Scenario (GES) scaling tool, can be downloaded free-of-charge from our website.

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