19 Feb 2024

Performance of European cross-country oil pipelines – Details of spillage incidents from 2005

This report has been published yearly by CONCAWE since 1971. Until 2004, the yearly report only dealt with detailed information on the spillages having occurred during the year. Every so often an overview report was published analysing the whole database from 1971. From the 2005 reporting year, the format and content of the report was changed to include not only the yearly performance, but also a full historical analysis since 1971, effectively creating an evergreen document updated every year. All previous reports are now obsolete.

In the single annual integrated report, it was, however, not considered practical to include the full narrative description of the circumstances and consequences of each past spillage.

Up till 1993 reports were only published on paper and are mostly out of print. Reported details of the spillage incidents have been compiled in two separate appendices.

Information from the 1994 reporting year, when electronic archiving first started, through to 2004 is provided in a third appendix.

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