New ship emissions inventory for the Mediterranean Sea

01 May 2007

In order to provide an up-to-date ship emission inventory for the Mediterranean Sea, a study (further referred to as the ‘CONCAWE study’) was recently completed for CONCAWE by the environmental and engineering consultancy Entec UK Ltd. Entec have been involved in a number of previous such studies and, in their own view, the CONCAWE study has resulted in a more robust inventory for the Mediterranean than was the case in their earlier work. A previous study carried out for DG Environment jointly by Entec, IIASA and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and published in October 20061 (further referred to as the ‘DG-ENV study’) currently serves as a basis for input into the Integrated Assessment Modelling (using the IIASA GAINS model). This in turn, provides policy guidance for the revision of the National Emission Ceiling Directive (NECD). This article explores the key differences between the DG-ENV and CONCAWE studies.