20 Oct 2021

LCA of low carbon fuels passenger cars (SIA paper)

This joint study between Aramco and Concawe uses a Cradle-to-Grave approach to assess the life cycle impacts of passenger car vehicles including emissions related to the manufacturing and infrastructure set up. These vehicles are analysed running with advanced fuels, like synthetic fuels produced from renewable electricity (e-fuels) and advanced biofuels produced from different waste sources like wheat straw and used cooking oil.

Multiple parameters are taken into account to get a comprehensive overview of the range of available solutions, especially different levels of vehicle electrification that include thermal hybrid and plug-in
hybrid vehicles. The sensitivity to the electricity sources used in the utilisation phase for either direct consumption or synthetic fuel production is also considered. The study analyses also the sensitivity to
methodological aspects of carbon allocation on biofuels. The results obtained are finally compared with other alternative passenger car technologies such as battery electric (BEV) and fuel cell hydrogen
electric vehicles (FCEV)