25 Sep 2020

JEC Well-To-Wheels v5 related reports (including JEC WTT, TTW & WTW v5)

JRC (the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), EUCAR and Concawe have updated their joint evaluation of the Well-to-Wheels energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a wide range of potential future fuel and powertrain options, first published in December 2003. As an update of the previous version, the objectives of JEC WTW v5 are to establish, in a transparent and objective manner, a consensual Well-to-Wheels energy use and GHG emissions assessment of a wide range of automotive fuels and powertrains relevant to Europe in 2025 and beyond.

This version updates the technologies investigated and applies a common methodology and data-set to estimate WTW emissions. This WTW version 5 concentrates on the evaluation of energy and GHG balances for the different combinations of fuel and powertrains, in road transport. The current version 5 investigates, for the first time, the heavy duty segment, thus expanding the scope of the previous versions of the study. Access it here

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