European downstream oil industry safety performance

04 Jul 2018

The twenty-fourth annual report on European downstream oil industry safety performance presents work-related personal injuries for the industry’s own employees and contractors and process safety performance indicators. Information was received from 40 Concawe Member Companies representing more than 96% of the European refining capacity. In 2017, there were two fatalities in the industry. While this equals the lowest number of annual fatalities recorded in 2016, we continue to consider this two too many and work to reduce this number to zero. Lost Workday Injuries rose from 501 to 577, an increase of approximately 15%. Total work hours reported increased by 7%. The number of Tier 1 and 2 process safety releases continued to decline in 2017 (total count for Manufacturing and Marketing of 287 in 2017 down from 349 in 2016).