01 May 2006

COPEX 2006

The CONCAWE Oil Pipelines Operators Experience Exchange seminar (COPEX for short) that took place in Brussels on 30–31 March was continuing a long-established tradition. CONCAWE has been active in the field of oil pipelines since the early 70s and started organising regular seminars for pipeline operators during the 80s.

The seminar has been run on a regular 4-yearly schedule since 1994. The principal aim of COPEX is to provide a forum for pipeline operators to update their knowledge of legislative, regulatory and technical developments in the field as well as exchange information in an informal environment and without commercial pressures. Although regulators and selected equipment suppliers are invited to give presentations, contributions are essentially provided by pipeline operators who also form the bulk of the audience.

COPEX 2006 was attended by 115 delegates from 15 countries, together representing virtually all major oil pipelines in Europe.