08 Jul 2019

Concawe Substance Identification Group – Analytical Program Report (Abridged Version)

Report no. 5/19: This report describes the work undertaken and results obtained from the Concawe 2015 Analytical Program, which involved the chemical characterisation of 189 petroleum substances from 20 substance categories. As a limited number of samples were analysed per substance and in light of the Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex Reaction Products and Biological Materials (UVCB) nature of petroleum substances, the report provides supporting information only and should not be regarded as definitive for any substance.

To avoid the possibility that any analytical data presented can be attributed to a sample provided by a specific REACH registrant, the identities of 29 substances for which there are fewer than 3 active registrations have been “anonymised” by identifying only the category to which they belong. A further 6 petroleum substances for which there is only a single active registration within a category are omitted from this report. A full report on the 2015 Analytical Program includes data on all 189 substances and is available to Concawe secretariat only for reference purposes.

Given that, for most substances, this report relates to one sample per substance, Concawe is now combining these data with additional information to conduct a statistical analysis of the similarity between substances within a category. This information is relevant in the optimisation of human health and environmental hazard testing

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