31 May 2017

Concawe Review Special Symposium Edition

The future of the transport system
  • Drive trains and fuels for road transport, Neville Jackson (Ricardo)
Challenges for hybridisation and electrification of vehicles as a route to decarbonisation
  • PM emissions from electric vehicles, Peter Achten (INNAS)
  • The size and range effect: life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of electric vehicles, Linda Ager-Wick Ellingsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Ecosystem services—the potential of carbon sequestration

  • Using forest carbon credits to offset emissions in the downstream business, Lars Hein (Wageningen University)

The future of special refined products

  • How far a drop of oil took one company, Carl Robertus (Nynas)
  • The future of automotive and industrial lubricants, Ian Shannon (Shell)
  • The future of speciality products waxes, Dirk Danneels (European Wax Federation)
  • Long-term prospects for petrochemicals and their feedstocks, Philip de Smedt (Petrochemicals Europe)

Perspectives on the EU refining industry of the future

  • The European refinery of the future, Gordon McManus (Wood Mackenzie)
  • How might the EU refining industry evolve in response to current and future challenges, Michiel Nivard (Clingendael International Energy Programme)

IPIECA vision for water use in the oil and gas industry, and its relevance for EU refineries

  • Future trends in water availability, use and discharge, regulations and price, and cross-sector collaboration, Artemis Kostareli and Alfio Mianzan (IPIECA)

The future of human health assessment

  • Using new methodologies for a better understanding of the health impacts of petroleum substances, Hans Ketelslegers (Concawe); Ivan Rusyn (Texas A&M University); Lenny Kamelia (Wageningen University)

The impact of the use of diesel on the quality of air in cities

  • Aeris Urban Air Quality Study—the impact of diesel use on air quality in European cities, Chris Boocock (Aeris Europe)
  • The importance of non-exhaust particulate matter from road traffic, Ranjeet Sokhi (University of Hertfordshire