23 Oct 2004

CONCAWE Review – Autumn 2004

Volume 13, issue no. 2: At the end of this year, Jean Castelein will leave CONCAWE as he reaches his well earned retirement from formal business life. Jean joined CONCAWE in December 2000 and has presided over an important period of activity for the association. The REACH proposal on chemical safety triggered a major programme of risk assessment for petroleum products that has more than doubled CONCAWE’s budget.

In the area of air quality, CONCAWE has provided important input to the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme. Meanwhile, the revised Fuels Directive is making sulphur-free road fuels a reality, while the growing focus on alternative fuels gave rise to the Biofuels Directive and the definitive European ‘Well-to-Wheels’ study undertaken jointly by CONCAWE, EUCAR and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.