02 Jun 2020

Concawe Review 29.1

As the first 2020 edition of the Concawe Review is being published, it has been reported in the news that spring has been abnormally warm in EU countries, providing further evidence of climate change. In line with the European Green Deal and Europe’s ambition to reach climate neutrality in 2050, Concawe continues to explore the contribution that the refining industry can bring to this objective. The first article of this Review shows the potential for increased fuel economy that high-octane gasoline can bring to an optimised engine.

The second article provides an overview of air quality in Europe and the potential improvements that would be achieved through different, very ambitious scenarios. The third article summarises two important reports that have recently been published by Concawe, which investigate the different possibilities for European refineries to reduce the CO2 emissions coming from their processes on the one hand, while on the other hand reducing the carbon content of the fuels produced, by differentiating the feedstocks and introducing new technologies.