05 Aug 2016

Concawe Review 25.1

These are the contents on this Concawe Review:
  • The impact of emission reduction scenarios on air quality limit values. A study of the air quality compliance issues for PM and NO
  • Effect of fuel composition on particulate emissions from two GDI cars. A new study extends previous work to include new vehicles and a wider range of fuels
  • The natural attenuation of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) in soil and groundwater. Understanding the impacts of petroleum biodiesel released into the environment
  • Product theft from oil pipelines. A fast-growing issue for European pipeline operators
  • Interview with Catarina Caiado, Concawe Research Associate. Focus on Concawe’s air quality research
  • Interview with Charlene Lawson, Concawe Research Associate, Focus on Concawe’s refinery technology research