01 Oct 2007

Assessing the environmental sensitivity of petrol filling station locations across Europe

In the context of the Groundwater Directive (2006/118/EC), the CONCAWE Soil & Groundwater Task Force commissioned the consultants, Arcadis Geraghty & Miller (Newmarket, UK) to assist in a study of petroleum facilities across Europe. The first phase of the project specifically assesses the environmental sensitivity of petrol filling station locations with regard to their proximity to groundwater, surface water and ecological receptors. The principal aim is to promote a risk-based approach, as opposed to a prescriptive engineering based approach, to implementing the Groundwater Directive.

Additionally, the methodology developed through this study provides a tool for the oil industry to identify areas of higher environmental sensitivity and thus encourage rational investment in preventative measures where it is most needed. The countries included in this study are listed in Table 1, while an outline of the overall project structure is illustrated in Figure 1. This article illustrates the results to date at a European, National, Regional and Site level.

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