03 Feb 2021 - 04 Feb 2021

Sustainable Internal Combustion Engine Virtual 2021

The Sustainable Internal Combustion Engine Virtual ‘Live’ takes place on the 3rd and 4th of February. This virtual two-day conference aims to discuss and debate the future of gasoline, diesel, and alternative-fuel IC engines. Additionally, the conference will focus on how the traditional automotive powertrain has a long future ahead of it when it is developed and advanced beyond its current brief and design constraints.

Expert speakers will present future concepts and technologies for the IC engine. Representing Concawe will be Roland Dauphin, Science Executive for Fuels Quality and Emissions, that under the ‘Stepping Away from Fossil Fuels’ session, will talk about ‘Advanced emission controls and renewable fuels for low pollutants and lifecycle CO2 emissions’ in a shared presentation with Joachim Demuynck from AECC (Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst).

Access the conference programme and Roland Dauphin and Joachim Demuynck's presentation.