Mineral Oil Cross Industry Issues (MOCRINIS) Workshop

10 September 2013 - 11 September 2013

A two-day Mineral Oil Cross Industry Issues (MOCRINIS) Workshop was held on 10-11 September 2013, in Bologna, Italy.

MOCRINIS Workshop – Final Programme

This event was sponsored by CONCAWE. The main goal of the Workshop was to provide an opportunity to bring together representatives from several industry sectors to achieve a common understanding of the complexity of the issues on mineral oils, and was designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Allow all stakeholders to express their view on this issue.
  2. Develop a clear understanding of mineral oils as UVCB substances and their technical applications in relation to their analytical profile. Seek clarity in nomenclature of hydrocarbon substances.
  3. Understand sources of intentionally or not intentionally added substances that would lead to a similar analytical profile.
  4. Discuss appropriate analytical methods for identifying food contaminants and migration studies for these types of complex substances.
  5. Understand the risk assessment of petroleum derived substances (UVCBs) in food and non-food settings. In that context, discuss the latest toxicokinetic studies and opinions in “white oils” in regard to an ADI for food applications. What is the hazard for white oils?
  6. Understand the regulatory framework for substances not intended for food use and their presence in food and packaging.
  7. Agree on a road map and recommendations.

This 2-day Workshop was structured to: