24 May 2018

Novel Technologies in Refinery Safety

The Safety Management Group’s annual Safety Theme Day entitled “Novel Technologies in Refinery Safety” will take place on Thursday 24 May 2018 at the Concawe offices in Brussels.

The event will focus on the role of immersive technology in training and risk analysis modelling based on artificial intelligence. As in previous years participants at the Theme Day will benefit from the breadth of knowledge of a number of experts as guest speakers including:

  • Toby de Burgh of Cineon Training presenting performance psychology and the science behind simulation training. He will be sharing his experience in immersive training for the high-risk and safety-critical nuclear industry
  • Simone Colombo professor of Enterprise Risk Management at the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, Politecnico di Milano will be presenting an approach to risk analysis based on artificial intelligence
  • Willem Peuscher of Safety Leaders Foundation will demonstrate new IT techniques useful for SE&SP professionals, including iLife-Saving Rules game, safety engineering animation and VR.

There will be ample opportunity throughout the day to try out the various technologies in the hands on demonstration sessions. Part of the day is also allocated to sharing member companies’ experiences with novel technologies in safety. The emphasis will be on maximum interaction between member companies and guest speakers alike to share the latest information and practical experience in this field.

Safety Management Group members have been invited and are welcome to bring along a colleague to the Theme Day. There are a limited number of places still available.

If you would like to contribute a short presentation about implementing novel technologies in safety training in your organisation or would simply like to know more about the Safety Theme Day, contact carol.banner@concawe.eu