28 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021

Advanced Biofuels: Production and Deployment

Even though there is a big potential for advanced biofuels in decarbonisation of European transport, the current market of advanced biofuels remains fragmented. Lack of coherent frameworks on the European level and low level of collaboration within the industry are slowing down the large-scale deployment of the advanced biofuels. There is a need to pursue its potential in order to reach the common goal of European transport decarbonization. This event provides a strategic overview on the industry and suggests possible solutions for further development.

Advanced Biofuels: Production and Deployment will discuss current status and developments of advanced biofuels and their application in the transport sector. It welcomes experts from renewable energy sector dealing with biofuel production, distribution and its application in an exclusive closed-group for peer-to-peer networking, knowledge-sharing, and learning opportunities with the aim to help the improvement of day-to-day industry-specific practices.

Concawe will be represented at this event by Science Executive Alba Soler.


  • The Role of Renewable Fuels in Future Transportation
  • Sustainable Biomass Availability in the EU towards 2050 (RED II)
  • Feedstock Sourcing & Sustainability
  • Strategic Overview on Advanced Biofuel Technologies
  • Versalis Experience for Advanced Bioethanol Industrial Projects
  • Sustainable Solutions with Biomethane and BioLNG: Decarbonization of the Road
    Transport Market
  • The Role of Advanced Biofuels in Shipping
  • The Challenges of Meeting Bio Targets in Different European Countries

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