Concawe, established in 1963 and located in Brussels Belgium, is the scientific and technical non-profit organisation of the European petroleum refining industry, whose 39 members are all companies operating refineries in the EU.

Concawe is structured into key management groups, such as Health, Air Quality, Fuel Quality and Emissions, and REACH Delivery. For the Health Management Group, industry toxicologists, occupational physicians, analytical chemists, exposure/risk scientists and product stewards from member companies provide their expertise in defining and implementing the petroleum refining research programmes. Therefore, research undertaken by Concawe has utility and impact to the whole European refining industry, its downstream users and the general population that are in daily contact with petroleum substances.

Concawe secretariat and/or member company experts represent Concawe on many expert forums such as the ECHA Partner Expert Groups (e.g., Reproductive Toxicity/Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study, Risk Assessment Framework), ECHA Risk Assessment Committee, ECHA CSR/ES Roadmap Coordination Group, ECHA ENES Workshops, OECD task groups (Exposure Assessment, Combined Mixtures), IARC Monograph Meetings as Industry Observers (Air Quality, Bitumen), and WHO Task Force on Health, to name a few.

The Concawe representative and coordinator of the Cat-App project is the Science Executive, Health, Hans Ketelslegers, PhD, ERT.