Registration Dossiers

Concawe has prepared the joint parts of the Registration Dossiers for the following “categories of substances”:

  1. Low Boiling Point Naphthas (Gasolines)
  2. Kerosines
  3. Straight-run Gas Oils
  4. Cracked Gas Oils
  5. Vacuum Gas Oils, Hydrocracked Gas Oils& Distillate Fuels
  6. Other Gas Oils
  7. Heavy Fuel Oil Components
  8. Unrefined / Acid Treated Oils
  9. Other Lubricant Base Oils
  10. Highly Refined Base Oils
  11. Foots Oils
  12. Paraffin and Hydrocarbon Waxes
  13. Slack Wax
  14. Petrolatum
  15. Untreated Distillate Aromatic Extracts
  16. Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracts
  17. Residual Aromatic Extracts
  18. Bitumen

In addition Concawe has prepared the joint parts of the Registration Dossier for the following stand-alone substances:

  • MK1 diesel fuel (EC number 931-250-7),
  • Oxidised bitumen (EC number 265-196-4)
  • Sulfur (EC number 231-722-6).

Grouping substances into categories allows read across of intrinsic (hazard) properties between the substances within a category.

This approach effectively means that information would be shared at category level rather than individual substance level.

Because of the extensive overlap of gases from refinery operation and gases from steamcrackers and/or aromatics production units Concawe has agreed to collaborate with the Lower Olefins/Aromatics Consortium (LOA). The joint parts of the Registration Dossiers for petroleum gases has been prepared and offered to registrants by LOA.