List of Identified Uses and Classification & Labeling

The Excel file ‘REVISION OF C&L PERMUTATIONS AND USES 20170407’, updates on the revision of C&L Permutations and Uses that will take place in the May 2017 Dossier Updates. The file is in the section ‘Document to download’.

Please note that every possible effort has been made to take into account the feedback received from registrants, as long as agreed through e-mail exchanges with the interested parties. Please note that since the preparation of the updated Dossiers is now well advanced. As a result, at present it is NOT possible to make any further changes to the May 2017 Dossier Updates. However, Concawe will soon develop a procedure to incorporate or remove information to/from the Dossiers without having to wait for the next round of full Dossier Updates – Concawe will keep you informed as soon as  this is available.  When the new procedure is ready, if you require to incorporate or remove information, please report to